Direct Investing Challenges for Family Offices: We have relationships with more than 50 $1B+ families and every one of these families makes direct investments into operating businesses and most have requested assistance and resources on co-investing from our team.  Many ultra-wealthy families do not provide access to a high-level of quality deal flow, and business owners either don’t know how to reach you, or think of others first when it comes to liquidating an asset or raising capital.    This video to the right is a HD recording of a recent 90-minute webinar we did on single family offices which covers direct investing and co-investing a bit (Video Download Link).

To make direct investing more challenging, most family offices are resource-constrained with as few as one professional for every $100M being managed.  One family that I know has a single person running a $850M family office; another owns 20 operating businesses and has a single professional managing that $1B direct investment portfolio.

Co-Investing: If your family office is looking for co-investing resources we can help provide you connections, resources, opportunities, and introductions that otherwise may take years to produce or would not otherwise be uncovered.  Some of the most credible and largest of families in terms of net worth need the most high quality deal flow to allocate capital to and many times our team can provide those introductions or opportunities.  Learn more by completing this form at our newly branded website: to connect with someone on our 18 person team today.